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Machine Tools


Sinomach has independently researched and developed several new products that are leaders both in China and abroad. Those products include precision microcomputer-controlled die-casting machines, a series of highly efficient numerically controlled power-milling processing equipment, NC nine-axis electric discharge machines with the largest tonnage in China, and advanced NC tools (such as cemented carbide precision threaded inserts and processing tools with large-section metal-ceramic bearings).

  • Hot-Chamber, Zinc-Alloy Die-Casting Machines

  • Complete Technology of Cemented Carbide Threading Chaser for Oil Pipes

  • DK7632 CNC Low-speed Ire Electrical Discharge Machine

  • Hydraulic Stamping Line for Automotive Panels

  • Model EFA-SD5,5 Static Molding Line

  • ZT-007 CNC Precision Microhole Drill